Stylish showers for country bathrooms- modern Shower Enclosures and Cubicles

Bathroom remodeling styles are numerous, diverse and fun.  The minimalistic bathroom has become a modern reality and one of the greatest assets for such interior is the shower enclosures. Purchasing one of the latest shower enclosures for your bathroom is a major investment, as it will serve you for many, many years.

So, once you decide to buy a shower enclosure, a number of things need to be kept in mind to assure that the shower enclosure stays intact for a really long period of time.

Shower cubicles best shapes

There are several shapes of modern shower cubicles: square, rectangular, and other geometrically shaped enclosures are commonly available in the market. Don’t choose a huge cubicle that makes your bathroom congested; rather choose the one that makes your bathroom look bigger than ever before. A nice cabin will feel like a new extension of your old bathroom and give it a less cluttered appeal.

Remodeling shower enclosures

One of the more cost effective measures is to replace your new enclosure for your older out-dated model. It would not only help in saving lots of preparatory expenses but it will also help in saving money. Foremost, the existing pipework and taps make it so much easier for you to fit your shower cubicle. Also some people prefer a shower room that comes with a shower trays UK. Getting a shower cubicle that genuinely comes with a tray is more beneficial, as it fits properly and doesn’t pose chances of leaks.

Tiles enclosure

The inside walls of the shower enclosure needs to be tiled. So, you would need to choose the colour, size and texture of tiles you want to install, and in case you already had a shower installed, most probably the walls would already be tiled.

Have you ever looked at a piece of metal whose chrome plating has come off?

  • Such bathroom fittings are prime targets for such mishaps and ends up looking really ugly, and even if your shower cabin functions properly, the bad looks will finish its grace.
  • So it is wise to choose a brand that has completely tested its fittings for corrosion, especially in case the water being used is in a hard water region.

The size of your bathroom

This is perhaps more important when the size is limited within your bathroom and that is the features combined with shape. Although the shape is important the doors are of greater importance and this refers to how they open and close. Bi-folding and sliding doors for mixer shower are extremely important for saving space, so when measuring up your space ensure that you also consider the are you have to work with when the doors are open as this can increase the room immensely.

Having a good seal, often along magnetic strips on the internal wall of shower door is a prime necessity for keeping the water inside. Another major benefit of shower seals is that it makes the enclosure a lot more pleasing, especially in an aesthetic way. Solid metal door handles and fixtures are way better than fancy, chrome platted plastic made fixtures. Shower panels may look fancy, but give a cheap look upon contact, and also have a small life.

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